About the Ocean-Climate Alliance
Building A New Agenda for Ocean-Climate Restoration

The Ocean-Climate Alliance (OCA) has come together to bring a more comprehensive ocean-climate restoration agenda to the forefront of both ocean and climate action.

The OCA brings together leading ocean and climate organizations, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to support development of this overall portfolio. 


OCA Founding Members.png

Why a New Ocean-Climate Alliance? 

The current climate agenda is dangerously over-focused just on reducing future emissions of greenhouse gases.  We are too late for this to work by itself.  We clearly need massive greenhouse gas clean-up/negative emissions and we also need a far greater focus on understanding, and figuring out how to avoid, dangerous tipping points. 


We need a vision for addressing the climate crisis that is defensible in light of the true challenges science now tells us we face.  And new leadership to get us there.   Leadership that fully understands the scale and dimensions of the problem and is willing to fully consider all the tools that need to be developed and deployed to have a chance to win.

Key Actions

The Ocean-Climate Alliance launched in September 2020 with a collective commitment to move forward a comprehensive ocean-climate restoration agenda. 


OCA launched with 10 convening organizations but plans to build towards a larger critical mass of aligned organizations across the globe.  If your organization is interested in becoming a member, please contact us.  

The Alliance will:


  1. ​Publish a robust and rigorous ocean-climate restoration “agenda” commensurate to the scale of the challenge.

  2. Actively communicate about and advocate for uptake of the agenda. 

  3. Actively engage to expand the ‘social and political license’ needed to accelerate work.

  4. Develop technology road-maps in each of the key component areas of the agenda (e.g. biotic ocean-based carbon sequestration, or interventions to slow ocean pH changes).  Road maps will identify the current technologies, their potential readiness, and key questions, issues, obstacles and priorities, around critical science, engineering, impacts, life-cycle analysis, policy issues, and legal issues around the deployment of these technologies.

  5. Use these road-maps to catalyze partnerships that help engage the necessary intellectual, creative and financial resources to move forward on key opportunities identified. 

  6. Engage global ingenuity and entrepreneurship.  OCA will seek to engage the global creative community to accelerate development, testing, deployment and scaling of initiatives.  OCA will work with global prizes, competitions, accelerators, incubators, labs, foundries, and others to source, develop, prototype, test and evaluate potential interventions against the key areas of the negative emissions and hedged road-maps.