About Ocean-Climate Trust
Building A New Agenda for Ocean-Climate Restoration

The Ocean-Climate Alliance

Our top priority is to build the Ocean-Climate Alliance (OCA), a new "alliance” designed to to bring a comprehensive ocean-climate restoration agenda to the forefront of ocean and climate action.


OCA will bring together scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to support development of this overall portfolio. 


Key Actions

The Ocean-Climate Alliance will launch in mid-2020 with a collective commitment to move forward an ocean-climate restoration agenda. 


OCA will launch with a core group of convening organizations and build towards a larger critical mass of aligned organizations across the globe.  

The Alliance will:


  1. ​Publish a robust and rigorous ocean-climate restoration “agenda” commensurate to the scale of the challenge. 

  2. Actively communicate about and advocate for uptake of the agenda.  OCA will work to expand the ‘social and political license’ needed to accelerate work.

  3. Organize the right people to develop road maps in each of the key component areas of the agenda (e.g. biotic ocean-based carbon drawdown, or interventions to slow ocean pH changes).  Road maps will identify the key questions, issues, obstacles and priorities, around critical science, engineering, impacts, life-cycle analysis, policy issues, and legal issues, among others.

  4. OCA organizations will use these road maps to catalyze actions around deployment of the intellectual, creative and financial resources to move forward on each of the key road maps. 

  5. One of the most powerful resources we can draw on is global ingenuity and entrepreneurship.  OCA will engage the global creative community to accelerate development, testing, deployment and scaling of initiatives.  We will workwith global prizes, competitions, accelerators, incubators, labs, foundries, and others to source, develop, prototype, test and evaluate potential interventions against the key areas of the negative emissions and hedged roadmaps. 


Brad Ack is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Ocean-Climate Trust. He launched the Trust to create new intellectual and financial capital for ocean/climate restoration, and to source and develop innovations to repair and restore critical components of the ocean system and take advantage of the oceans capacity to capture and store carbon in new ways. 

Brad is an environmental innovator with nearly 30 years of sustained, creative contributions for a more sustainable and biologically diverse world.

His work has spanned geographies from the tropical forests of Latin America, to the high deserts of the American southwest, to work throughout the global ocean.  Brad has worked for both government and NGOs at senior levels, in concert with the private sector, designing and implementing innovative conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Most recently Brad was Senior Vice President in charge of the Oceans program at WWF-US; Regional Director Americas for the Marine Stewardship Council; and Executive Director of the Puget Sound Action Team, Office of the Governor in the State of Washington.  He has held other conservation leadership positions in the Southwest US and started his career working in Latin America to integrate sustainable resource use into large parks and protected area projects. 


Brad is passionate about the need to recognize the climate emergency we are living in and to take action across a number of fronts to address and arrest the dangerous curves we are seeing, with a focus on the ocean. 

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