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A core focus of a winning portfolio must be on decarbonizing the economy as quickly as possible,.....

Negative Emissions

(aka Drawdown)

Decarbonization alone is insufficent; we must also draw down atmospheric CO2 and methane levels

Ecosystem "Life Support"

Some parts of the global climate system are changing so fast that they may outpace our stabilization efforts

The Ocean-Climate Nexus

Oceans have borne the brunt of the damages to date from climate disruption.  They need immediate and direct interventions to slow this continuing damage.   At the same time, the oceans have been vastly undervalued and underutilized in the fight to arrest climate disruption.  . 

We need an as-yet unwritten systems survival plan for the Ocean if we are have any hope or arresting climate destabilization. 

The oceans have literally saved the terrestrial world so far, absorbing some 90% of all the excess heat caused by our greenhouse gas pollution.  Without oceans the earth’s current surface temperatures would be unlivable. But the Ocean has thermal limits that are dangerous to surpass.

Oceans have also absorbed a significant portion (some 30%) of the carbon dioxide pollution we have put in the atmosphere, and as a result are becoming more acidic.  There are limits here as well that require more direct action. 

The Ocean-Climate Trust

The Ocean-Climate Trust is working to define and mobilize a more comprehensive approach to arresting climate disruption, and to unlock new resources for negative emissions and ecosystem life support elements of the portfolio, with particular focus on the ocean contributions to each. 

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